Reflexology – Natural Pain Relief

Do you often have tired, achy feet?  Do you feel headachy, lethargic, dragged out. Have you ever wondered about reflexology for natural pain relief?  Reflexology could be your answer.  Reflexology is done by applying pressure to various points on the feet.  When this is done Reflexologists believe that we are stimulating the corresponding organ through the central nervous system.

We have a specific foot chart that shows the entire body as outlined on the foot. You may feel some pain and then you melt into a relaxed state.  Interestingly clients say that it feels like a “good” pain.  You are put into a parasympathetic state – this is when the body heals, rests and repairs.

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How to get Relief From Pain

Pain is a challenge that many are faced with daily.  All those days of anguish and suffering  in pain – not wanting to get out of bed – it can really be an unhappy time until you decide to make changes.  You can do this with lifestyle changes and mind shifts.  Lifestyle changes include what you eat, exercise, and  mentally being grateful for what you have.  We all have something to be happy and grateful for now.

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